Whether It's Wood for the Fireplace
or the Backyard Grill, Use Woodland Heat.

Woodland Heat wood comes almost entirely from urban trees in the Mid-South area. Woodland Tree Service is a locally owned and operated tree service in Memphis. We offer both firewood in various species for your fireplace and a variety of cooking woods for the backyard grill.

Where There's Fire, There's Heat
Be sure to stock up on Woodland Heat firewood. We sell more firewood than anyone else in the Mid-South! It's a name countless people have come to depend on to help provide heat in their homes.

Where There's Smoke, There's Flavor

Get Woodland Heat for your next barbeque - whether its for the backyard grill or your next competition, you can depend on Woodland Heat to provide that extra touch of flavor to any meal on the grill. All of our wood is kiln dried and ready for use. 

Order your firewood online today!

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