Firewood Info

How to Build and Start a Fire in 6 Easy Steps

1 Check to confirm that the damper (the movable vent above the fireplace) is open.
2 Take some newspaper and roll them into 4-5 tight tubes and put them on the fireplace grate. 
3 Lay some kindling (Woodland sells kindling too!) on top of the newspaper rolls.
4 Now put a couple of pieces of seasoned firewood lengthwise over the kindling and newspapers.
5 Add another piece of seasoned firewood on top going the alternate direction.
6 Strike a match and light the newspapers in several places.
Enjoy your fire!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding our Firewood

Question: Is a pallet of wood comparable to a cord or half a cord?
Answer:  A pallet of our wood equals approximately 1/3 of a cord. However, we have found over the years that people measure cords differently. Our pallets consist of 110-120 pieces. Each piece is 18"-20” long stacked on a 3.5' x 3.5' pallet and shrink wrapped. 

Question: How tall is the pallet?
Answer:  A pallet is 3.5' x 3.5' x 3.5'. 

Question: How much does a pallet of firewood weigh?
Answer: Approximately 600 lbs.

Oak Firewood Delivery Fees & Policies

  • 1 pallet + delivery - $125.64
  • 2 pallets + delivery - $251.28
  • 3 pallets + delivery - $360.53
  • 4 pallets + delivery - $480.70
  • 5 pallets + delivery - $573.36
  • 6 pallets + delivery - $688.28
  • 2 pallet minimum for Eads, Arlington, Lakeland, Piperton, Southaven, and Olive Branch
  • If you live outside of Shelby County in an area not listed above, please call for exact delivery pricing - (901) 309-6779

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All payments will be processed at the time an order is placed, regardless of chosen delivery date.