Firewood Info

How to Build and Start a Fire in 6 Easy Steps

1 Check to confirm that the damper (the movable vent above the fireplace) is open.
2 Take some newspaper and roll them into 4-5 tight tubes and put them on the fireplace grate. 
3 Lay some kindling (Woodland sells kindling too!) on top of the newspaper rolls.
4 Now put a couple of pieces of seasoned firewood lengthwise over the kindling and newspapers.
5 Add another piece of seasoned firewood on top going the alternate direction.
6 Strike a match and light the newspapers in several places.
Enjoy your fire!

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding our Firewood

Question: Is a pallet of wood comparable to a cord or half a cord?
Answer:  A pallet of our wood equals approximately 1/3 of a cord. However, we have found over the years that people measure cords differently. Our pallets consist of 110-120 pieces. Each piece is 18"-20” long stacked on a 3.5' x 3.5' pallet and shrink wrapped. 

Question: How tall is the pallet?
Answer:  A pallet is 3.5' x 3.5' x 3.5'. 

Question: How much does a pallet of firewood weigh?
Answer: Approximately 600 lbs.

Oak Firewood Delivery Fees & Policies

  • 1 pallet + delivery - $
  • 2 pallets + delivery - $
  • 3 pallets + delivery - $
  • 4 pallets + delivery - $
  • 5 pallets + delivery - $
  • 6 pallets + delivery - $
    • 1 pallet minimum for Memphis, Bartlett, Germantown, Collierville, Cordova
    • 2 pallet minimum for Downtown Memphis and Harbor Town (38103/38105), Eads, Arlington, Lakeland, Southaven and Olive Branch
    • WE DO NOT DELIVER to Millington, Atoka, Brighton, Oakland, Piperton, Rossville, Nesbit, Byhalia, Hernando, Horn Lake, Walls, Holly Springs or Oxford, MS

      If you live outside of Shelby County in an area not listed above, please call for exact delivery pricing

    • If pallets are being placed in the backyard, the gate access must be 8ft wide or a double gate. If gate access is smaller than 8ft wide, pallets must be placed in the front yard or on the driveway. 

    Credit Card

    All payments will be processed at the time an order is placed, regardless of chosen delivery date.